40W 1500mm LED Slimline Emergency Batten

Large-size emergency LED slimline batten ideal for stairwells, warehouses and factories. Offers an IP65 weatherproof rating and an optional suspension kit.

emergency light


  • 40W 1200mm LED Slimline Batten

  • High-Temperature NiMh Batteries

  • Wall or Ceiling Surface Mount

  • IP65 Weatherproof Rating

  • Optional Microwave Sensor

  • Optional Flex and Plug

  • Optional Suspension Kit

  • Fully Compliant with AS2293


The versatile slimline build of EMSBATTEN24WP is what differentiates it from our other emergency weatherproof battens. Expect the usual features of our batten range – IP65 weatherproof rating, high light output with low glare, and easy to install wiring – all packed into a trim body. Setup options are another advantage of the LED slimline batten. You can order a suspension kit and/or flex and plug depending on your business’ needs. If you require a smaller emergency slimline batten, we also offer the 20W 600mm EMSBATTEN22WP.