LED Recessed Blade Exit

A sleek, all-in-one blade exit best suited to customer-facing business areas. Dual emergency luminaire for additional lighting and complete with a LiFePO4 lithium battery.

emergency light


  • Complete with Flex and Plug

  • 24m Viewing Distance

  • IP20 Rating

  • Fully Compliant with AS2293

  • Twin LED for Emergency Luminaires

  • LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

  • Comes with Decal


This 3W LED recessed blade exit light will keep the aesthetics of your business space looking professional. Boasting a white polycarbonate body and green acrylic diffuser, streamlined dimensions and an out-of-the-box pictogram decal, the best applications for EXBLADE are customer-facing areas that rely on visual appeal – think commercial office areas, hotels, apartments and shopping centres. Of course, EXBLADE is packed with other valuable features that make it an all-rounder, and an altogether great addition to your emergency exit lighting mix.