All-in-One LED Emergency Exit

Designed for safe evacuations in various contexts. Boasts our convenient Easy-Connect installation with large terminal block.

emergency light


  • High-Powered Long Life LED

  • High-Temperature NiCad Batteries

  • Easy-Connect Installation

  • Fully Compliant with AS2293

  • 24m Viewing Distance

  • Wall or Ceiling Surface Mount

  • Double-Sided Decal


Our flagship exit light. Housed in an ABS body, the EXLED all-in-one exit light is packed with all the right specifications. Long-life LED makes EXLED super reliable, energy efficient and clean for the environment. High-temperature NiCad batteries keep EXLED powered in any climate. EXLED can be mounted on wall, ceiling or suspended using a chain or rod, making it versatile and suitable for most business settings. And no need to worry about installation. The large terminal block offers the fastest and most user-friendly connection on the market.

Part Description
BLED Replacement Battery
DCLED Replacement Decal
LLED Replacement LED
WGWLED Wire Guard for Wall Mount
WGCLED Wire Guard for Ceiling Mount