At E&E, we only do exit and emergency lighting products. We are highly specialised in this specific segment of the Australian lighting industry. In fact, our National Head of Sales and most senior team member has over 32 years of experience dealing exclusively with exit and emergency lighting.

Why is industry experience important?
Because we believe exit and emergency lighting is an entirely different beast to regular lighting. Emergency exit lighting needs to work when the situation calls for it. 

And together our experienced team has put together a range of top-shelf emergency lighting products purpose-built to do exactly that.


How our products help your business

All E&E Lighting products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with emergency lighting standards (AS2293). From weatherproof battens to freezer box exits, we offer a comprehensive range to meet your specific needs.

When we started E&E, our core business objective was simple: when a customer purchases an E&E product, it needs to be the most reliable on the market and meet the highest standards of performance. And today this philosophy continues to drive our entire approach to product design and engineering.

Main Benefits


Easy Installation
Lighting your business starts with simple and user-friendly  installation. With large-terminal blocks, our products are built for the easiest possible setup.





Environmentally Friendly
We endeavour to use LED whenever possible and are currently transitioning our entire product range from standard NiCad batteries to recyclable lithium batteries.




Reduce your costs by replacing traditional light sources with LED, while taking advantage of retrofit lighting solutions that will not compromise light output or design of existing features.




Choose a cost-effective alternative to expensive emergency lighting offered by larger corporations. Quality, reliable products at competitive prices are what we stand for.