E&E Lighting specialise in the design, testing and maintenance of emergency lighting systems.

We are 100% Australian-owned and operated with long-standing industry experience. On everything from small business setups to large-scale commercial projects, E&E have the knowledge and versatility to find the best lighting solution for your situation.

On-Site Audit

The main purpose of an on-site audit is to assess your degree of compliancy with emergency lighting regulatory standards (AS2293).

AS2293 has been designed to ensure the safety of occupants by requiring the provision of adequate lighting in the event of an emergency. This is the underlying reason why emergency lighting fixtures in Australia adhere to such high standards of reliability, quality and performance.

Our team will make sure you easily meet the requirements specified by AS2293. We will determine whether your current emergency lighting products have undergone the stringent compliancy tests outlined in part 3 of AS2293, measure the calendar-life of batteries, check the sufficiency of lumens output, and inspect the arrangement of your emergency lighting system more broadly.

To help you save costs, we will also calculate the energy efficiency of your general and emergency lighting fixtures.

Lighting Design

The design of emergency lighting systems vary in complexity depending on the size and usage of the relevant building.

We offer a fully customisable lighting design service tailored to your needs, using contemporary techniques to save costs while ensuring the safety of occupants in an emergency and, therefore, full compliancy with Australian standards for emergency lighting (AS2293).

Whether you are installing a new emergency lighting system or evaluating your existing setup, there are three key elements to lighting design that must be considered:


  1. Ergonomic spacing of fixtures. Emergency routes and exits must be sufficiently illuminated and potential risk factors identified.

  2. Energy-saving measures to optimise efficiency. Although the purpose of an emergency lighting system is to guarantee occupant safety, positioning fixtures throughout a building efficiently is at the core of 'good' lighting design.

  3. Aesthetic appeal of the lighting mix. This is particularly relevant for customer-facing businesses such as those in retail and hospitality, where we endeavour to design lighting systems that look beautiful and actually improve the experience of patrons.

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