20W LED Weatherproof Bunker

Robust weatherproof bunker fitting typically suited to carparks, stairwells and apartments, often as a substitute for the general lighting batten.

emergency light


  • Wall or Ceiling Surface Mount

  • IP65 Rating

  • Optional Microwave Sensor

  • Optional Flex and Plug

  • Fully Compliant with AS/NZS CISPR 15:2011


Outdoor settings are the best use-case for SBUNKERWP. The die-cast aluminium weatherproof bunker fitting and exceptional IP65 rating make SBUNKERWP very reliable, even in the most extreme conditions. And the 20W high-powered long-life LED generates light output without distributing unwanted glare, creating a comfortable environment for your customers. Installation is a breeze, too. Mount SBUNKERWP on wall or ceiling, and then connect the cables easily through the large terminal block. Other popular weatherproof general lighting products include SBATTEN22WP and the larger SBATTEN24WP.